Online City Payments


The City of La Vergne ONLY accepts immediate online payments from the city website via the Lexis/Nexis Payment Solutions provider (maintained by VitalCheck network).

This is the ONLY online payment provider that is affiliated with the city, and the ONLY site that can accept a payment immediately to bring your bill current. If you choose to use an independent payment website like or your bank's online bill-pay service, please note: many online payment services mail a paper check to the city for payment.

If you use an independent online payment service, be sure to note the date it says the payee will receive the payment. This can be 7-10 days from the date you submit your payment to the 3rd party payment site.  The city can not apply a payment to your account until the mailed check has been received.

Pay Online

Fees can be paid online using Lexis/Nexis Payment Solutions.
There may be fees affiliated with these payment options, charged by the credit card servicing company. You may set-up your own fee payment system if you have online banking. Many banks allow you to select the date, company, and amount to be paid every month. By setting up an online payment plan with your bank, you can avoid fees unless they are charged by your personal bank.