Senior Citizens Advisory Committee

Regular Meetings

  • The 3rd Thursday of every month
  • 4:00 p.m.
  • La Vergne Senior Center
    337 Stones River Road
    La Vergne, TN 37086
Senior Center - Christmas 2011


Term Expiration
Alderman Steve Noe - Chairman
November 2018
Term of Office
Marshall Anthony
February 2015
December 31, 2018
Rick Autery
May 2018
February 28, 2021
Latisha Brown
October 2017
April 30, 2019
Joe Gourley
October 2018
December 31, 2021
Kay Jones
May 2003
April 30, 2019
James R. Mosley
July 2006
December 31, 2018
Tanesha Durham Simmons
November 2017
April 30, 2019
Mary Jane Skinner
February 2004
January 31, 2020
Tony Vanatta
March 2014
January 31, 2020

April 30, 2019
The Senior Citizens Advisory Committee acts as the advisory committee for the ongoing programs, special events, and other matters related to leisure services for the the senior members of the La Vergne community. They also recommend needed maintenance and physical improvements as needed for the La Vergne Senior Center building.

This committee consists of 11 members as follows: Six members are appointed from the following groups: 2 members are from the La Vergne Senior Citizens Club; 1 member is either the Rutherford County Mayor or a Rutherford County Commissioner; and 3 members represent the community and/or industries of La Vergne. Four members shall be appointed from the general constituency without regard to the location of such member residence. The 11th member shall be appointed by the Mayor from the Board of Aldermen. This Alderman acts as the chairman of the committee.

Currently, this board meets the third Thursday of every month at 4:00 p.m. at the La Vergne Senior Center.