The Codes Department enforces Building Codes, and certain Municipal Codes regarding zoning, property maintenance, safety, and general appearance of the City.

The Codes Department is responsible for reviewing new residential and commercial building plans, the building inspections of commercial, industrial and residential buildings, issuing permits, issuing certificates of occupancy and the scheduling of building inspections.

  • City of La Vergne Inspections require a 24 hour notice.
  • City of La Vergne Re-inspections require a 48 hour notice.
  • City of La Vergne Certificates of Occupancy are available for pick up within 72 hours after the Final Inspection.
  • Any questions SEE: Tennessee Code Annotated  68-120-101

The department consists of:

  • Director of Codes / Building Official
  • Two Building Inspectors
  • One Building Inspector / Plans Examiner
  • Two Municipal Codes Inspectors
  • Two Administrative Assistants


The Director of Codes and Building Official is primarily responsible for managing the department and ensuring that the duties of the department are executed in a professional, courteous and prompt manner. This person is also primarily responsible for ensuring that the residential and commercial buildings meet the standards set forth by the International Code Council.

The City of La Vergne enforces Building Codes and Municipal Codes regarding Zoning, Property Maintenance, Safety. The Codes Department is responsible for reviewing new residential and commercial building plans; conducting building inspections of commercial; industrial and residential buildings; and issuing permits and certificates of occupancy.

All city inspectors and codes officials are certified by the ICC and the State of Tennessee.

Codes Complaints

Citizens are encouraged to call and comment on properties and other areas of their neighborhoods. A visit to the place in question will be made and an Inspector will speak with the owner or leave a complaint notice or citation. Comments can be made by emailing or by calling 615-213-2624.  You can also submit a complaint with the Citizen Request Tracker feature on this website.


General Contractors and Developers must apply for permits online using the Apply For Permit button on this page. Paper applications will not be accepted. Please refer to the Self-Service User Guide (PDF) to the right of this page if there are any questions.

 Electrical Permits and Electrical Inspections, which are required by the State, may be obtained in Murfreesboro. Rutherford County Building Codes Department, One South Public Square, Room 101. Call 615-898-7734 for all Electrical Permit questions or information.



Building Inspector

This position is responsible for inspecting new construction for residential and commercial buildings to see that they meet minimum code requirements. The building inspector checks everything from the footing to the final inspection of the home or building. Inspections can be scheduled by calling 615-213-2624.

Codes Enforcement Officer

This position oversees that the city municipal codes are being followed throughout the city, including: sign regulations, lawns, junk cars, and much more.

Additional Information

We are here to assist you with any enforcement questions you may have. If you are unable to find the information to answer your question, please contact 615-213-2624.