Family Cemeteries
While La Vergne does not have a “city” cemetery, there are dozens of old family cemeteries throughout the town. According to Rutherford County Cemeteries, there are 38 cemeteries in La Vergne, as well as 13 that are identified as La Vergne, but located in Davidson County. However, city officials could identify at least 4 more cemeteries not recorded in the cemetery source, including Batey-Rowland, Mason, Roulhac, and Franklin cemeteries. In all, the city has compiled 51 separate cemeteries from various sources including county records, books, word-of-mouth, and observation.

Book - Cemeteries in LaVergne Past and Present

In 2008-09, City Historian Margie Murphy compiled Cemeteries in LaVergne Past and Present for historical records. The book is available in the genealogy room at the La Vergne Public Library, or you can read the book's PDF version (note this is a 5 mega bite document so may take some time to download).

Update Our Cemeteries
If you have information about any of the cemeteries listed below - including locations or history - or if you know of others, please contact the city by email. As they are identified and documented, the information on this page will be updated with locations and photos.

Photo Gallery
View additional photo gallery of Cemetery images across La Vergne.
  • Akin Cemetery
  • Arnold Cemetery
  • B. Owens Cemetery
  • Bannister Cemetery
  • Beech Cemetery
    Excerpt from Cemeteries Past and Present of La Vergne: This cemetery is located on the B.M. Mason farm about 3 miles north of La Vergne on the Stones River Road. There are about eight or ten graves in the burial ground and they are marked only with stones bearing no inscriptions or dates. (Information furnished by Benton M. Mason of La Vergne. Recorded and reported by George Chaney, Andrew Chaney, and Shirlie Chaney.)
  • Boner Cemetery
  • Buchanan-Ewing Cemetery (Old Buchanansville Cemetery)
    Two centuries old, the Old Buchanan Cemetery is located along the Buchanan Springs Branch, a creek that runs alongside Bicentennial Park between City Hall and the Library.  The first owner of this land was Samuel Buchanan, the Indian fighter, who sighted the land in 1785 and was deeded the land in 1787.  He and his brother John first settled the area.
    One heir of Samuel and John Buchanan was John Buchanan, the first postmaster of Buchanansville. This John is buried in the Buchanan-Ewing Cemetery.  He is the postmaster that gave La Vergne its name on the day his friend, Francois Lenard Gregoire de Roulhac de LaVergne, died on August 23, 1852. Early graves were marked with rock, mostly likely limestone.
  • Bugg Cemetery
  • Burnett Cemetery
  • Castleman-Bruer Cemetery
    Located on Rosecran Circle in Madison Square Subdivision.  Excerpt from Cemeteries in LaVergne Past and Present. Located on the [former] Vernon H. Mason farm which was part of the original Buchanan home in this county. We are now in the process of documenting this site as being the center of “Buchananville,” part of the beginning of LaVergne. The frontier station home is now gone, of course, but it is believed there was a postal station in the Buchanan home during the very early 1800s. A school and church were located across Hurricane Creek on the present property of J.b. McNeil of Davidson County. The land was then in Rutherford County, however, a large cemetery was located on that property. A few stones can still be read bearing the names Cawthon and Burt. This cemetery was somehow destroyed several years ago.  (Information given through the courtesy of V.H. Mason. Recorded and reported by George Chaney, Andrew Chaney, and Shirlie Chaney.)
  • Ellis Cemetery
  • Fergus Cemetery
    Located on Fergus Road, about 1/2 mile from Murfreesboro Road.
  • Finch Cemetery
  • Franklin Cemetery
    Located on Greenfield Drive off of Old Nashville Highway
  • Gambill Cemetery
  • Goodman Cemetery
  • Gowen Cemetery
  • Gregory Cemetery
    Griffin  Cemetery
  • Hamilton Cemetery
  • Hartman Cemetery
    Located between McDonalds and Arbys on Waldron Road, this cemetery is sometimes confused with the burial site of LaVergne namesake Francis Roulhac, who died  on August 23, 1852 at the age of 85.
  • Hill-Roulhac Cemetery (may be same as Roulhac Cemetery below)
  • Holloway Cemetery
  • Huggins Cemetery
  • Kimbro Cemetery
  • Leigh Cemetery
  • Mabry Cemetery
  • Mann Cemetery
  • Mason Cemetery
    Located behind the police substation and in front of Lake Forest Park on Holland Ridge Drive
  • May Cemetery
  • McClendon Cemetery
  • Miller Cemetery
  • Mitchell Cemetery
  • Moore Cemetery
  • Morrow Cemetery
  • Mullins Cemetery
  • Neal Cemetery
    (Excerpt from Cemeteries Past and Present of LaVergne)
    The old Carter-Neal Cemetery is located on the old Nashville-Murfreeesboro Pike and lies between the Walter W Adams and Forrest Bell properties a little south of LaVergne.
    The present Adams home is the old Carter place which was standing during the War Between the States. The Carters are mentioned frequently in the old MARY NEAL KING DIARY which was written between 1862-1864. The diary is the property of Ernest K. Johns of Smyrna.
    During recent years, descendants of the Carter family had the Carter graves moved to Smyrna, Tennessee. The condition of the cemetery is not particularly good for visitation. The best access to the burial ground would be through the Adams property. The stones are well preserved since trees and underbrush have protected them from the weather.
    (Information reported and recorded by Mrs. Glen Waldron and Mrs. Shirlie Chaney.)
  • Nelson Cemetery
  • Noe Cemetery
  • Owen Cemetery
    This very small cemetery is located behind 400B Old Nashville Highway (at the corner of Centennial Drive and Old Nashville Highway).
  • Pope Cemetery
    Pope Cemetery is located on Jefferson Pike between Murfreesboro Road and Old Nashville Highway.
  • Pugh Cemetery
  • Richeson Cemetery
  • Roach Cemetery
  • Roulhac Cemetery
  • Sand Hill Cemetery
    Located on Hollandale Road past the intersection of Fergus/Bill Stewart and Hollandale.
  • Seaborn Cemetery
  • Thilghman Cemetery
  • Waldron Cemetery
  • White Cemetery
  • Williams Cemetery
Batey Rowland Cemetery
There appear to be only 4 graves at this cemetery, which is protected by a wrought-iron fence.
Batey Rowland 1
Batey Rowland 3
Gravestone Inscription
George Rowland, son of J.W. & E.L. Batey. Born December 26, 1872, Died March 23, 1912. "Sleep brother dear, And take your rest. God called you home, He thought it best."
Buchanan 2
Headstone with several carved inscriptions, including: John A. Ewing, May 26, 1829 Birth May 10, 1869 Death; Carrie E Ewing, Buchanan October 31, 1838 Birth February 1, 1915 Death; and Ada B. Ewing February 22, 1866 Birth October 17, 1870 Death.
Buchanan 3
Castleman Bruer 1
Historical documents show this as "Castleman Brewer" but the headstone is spelled Bruer.
Castleman Bruer 2
Although the grass was growing on the spring day this photo was taken, this cemetery appears to be well maintained.
Castleman Bruer 3
Nancy C. Eskridge Wife of James H. Castleman, Born September 1, 1840, Died April 8, 1929.