Water Leaks

How to Check for a Possible Leak

The Water Meter

  1. Be sure all water is turned off. This means all faucets, the dishwasher, washing machine, no flushing of toilets, etc.
  2. Go outside to the meter box. This a concrete box in the ground located in the front of your lawn close to the street.
  3. Open the concrete lid to view the meter inside the box. Be cautious of spiders and other crawly creatures.
  4. The meter number is the last four numbers on the lid of meter.
  5. Open the meter lid to view the face of meter.
  6. See if meter is moving. The clock hand moving or the red triangle or white star is spinning.
  7. If the meter is running and all the water in your home is off, then there is water running somewhere or a possible leak.
  8. Log Reading- (Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly) Read meter as mentioned in previous steps. Keep a log of readings, this will help determine water consumption and help narrow down higher usage.
  9. For possible slow leaks read meter before leaving the property (do not use any water consuming appliances while away) and before using water when you return re-read meter to see if any water has passed through while property was vacant.
Your Toilet
Just because you can not hear or see a leak does not mean that there isn't one. We suggest the conducting the color test.
  1. Take food coloring or Kool-Aid powder and drop it into the back tank of toilet.
  2. Wait about 2-3 hours if possible. Do not flush!! You want to see if that coloring leaks into the bowl of your toilet. If it does, then you have a leak.
Repairing Your Leaks and Bill Adjustments
  1. You are responsible for the leak repair of your residence or property.
  2. When you have a leak repaired, be sure you keep all receipts. Regardless of who makes the repairs, it is important that you have all receipts for the service, parts, etc. (This is a government utility and receipts have to be presented).
  3. Bring all receipts into the Water Billing Department office.
  4. Allow at least four weeks for an adjustment. There are no same day adjustments.
  5. You are responsible for payments on due dates. Adjustments can be applied to your account as a credit to your future bill.  Late penalties cannot be adjusted off.