2018 La Vergne Special Census

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Census Update

The Special Census for the City of La Vergne has been completed.

Final results recorded the total number of residents is 34,423, a 6% increase over the last federal census in 2010. The new total resident count should bring in approximately $233,045 more in annual state shared revenue. The additional funds will help the city with paving streets, hiring new employees and other departmental projects or equipment that is needed.

The official numbers must be verified by the Greater Nashville Regional Council (GNRC) before being submitted to the state.

Thanks to all citizens who participated in helping to make sure that La Vergne Counts!

Census Facts

  • This is a City of La Vergne Special Census, not a Federal Census.
  • The State of Tennessee provides revenue to cities based on their population. Due to La Vergne's growth, we believe the City should get more revenue from the State.
  • State share revenue received from the state goes to road infrastructure improvements, parks, etc....
  • Whether you own a home or rent, every City of La Vergne resident counts!
  • All we need is the address and the first and last name of everyone residing in the household.
  • Complete the online form or mail back the postage paid mailer by January 31, 2018.
  • Providing this information by January 31, 2018 will eliminate contact from a special census representative.

Drawing Winners

Congratulations to our online winners!
  • Drawing #1 (Jan. 2) - Angela C.
  • Drawing #2 (Jan. 16) - Mary B.
  • Drawing #3 (Jan. 29) - Schreba H.
  • Drawing #4 (Feb. 12) - Carol H.


The City of La Vergne is conducting a special census of all city residents to ensure we receive our fair share of State Shared Tax dollars. State Shared Taxes are distributed to cities across the State of Tennessee based on population. Currently the City of La Vergne receives the State Shared Tax dollars based on the population from the last Census conducted in 2010.

La Vergne has experienced tremendous growth over the last several years and the next Federal Census will not be conducted until 2020. That means all of the funding the City of La Vergne is eligible for will NOT come back to our community until 2021. An increase in our population will increase state funds allowing the City to improve roads, parks (greenways & sidewalks), public safety, public works, recruit new businesses, industry and retail.

All we need is the address and the first and last name of everyone residing in the household, including any person that is living away (college students, military, etc.). The information collected will be kept confidential and will ONLY be used by the City of La Vergne for the Special Census. Your information will not be shared, sold, rented or given to any other entity or business.

For those who complete their portion online, you will qualify for a series of four (4) drawings for a $100.00 gift certificate! The drawings will be held every two weeks starting on January 2, 2018. The sooner you respond, the more drawings you will be eligible for! Once you submit your information, you will be eligible for any remaining drawings. For those who do not submit their information online, there will be a postage paid mailer sent to those remaining residents.  Remember “La Vergne Counts!” Providing the information online or by mailer before January 31, 2018 will eliminate contact from a special census representative coming to your door.

Completed forms can also be returned to La Vergne City Hall located at 5093 Murfreesboro Road. Thank you for your cooperation and support. If you would like additional information, email us or call 615-793-6295.