Emergency Medical and Special Operations

Emergency Medical Services

The La Vergne Fire and Rescue Department is an active member of a life support program with the Rutherford County Medical Services. Under direction of a licensed medical professional, LFRD cooperates with Rutherford County ambulance service in providing quality medical care to the City of La Vergne. LFRD is constantly training in the area of medical response to ensure the most up to date treatment is being provided. With an average response time of three minutes, LFRD has been credited with multiple lives saved due to the dedication of our employees. 

LFRD has multiple CPR and first aid instructors on staff. Anyone interested in scheduling one of these classes is encouraged to contact Lieutenant John Rutledge at (615) 287-5832. Please specify "CPR Class" and allow for call back time.

Special Ops

Multiple employees on staff are trained to respond to special and technical incidents. Some of these incidents include swift water rescue, trench rescue, confined space rescue and hazardous material responses. 

Staff members are able to enter certain active threat situations with law enforcement to provide critical emergency care to victims, potentially saving more lives.

  1. Ronny Beasley

    Ronny Beasley

    Fire Chief