Re-Vegetate Your Streamside Program

Does your property have a creek or stream running through or alongside it? Are you tired of losing land from erosion or do you want to prevent any future loss of land?

The best way to help keep your stream bed stable is to plant a variety of native Tennessee plants along the water's edge. The roots from these plants will help to hold your soil in place. The plants will also help to provide habitat for critters like birds and butterflies and it will give your streamside a face lift.

How to Get Involved

To get involved just fill out the interest form below. A City of La Vergne stormwater department representative will visit your home and conduct a survey of the site. This will determine if your streamside is suitable for re-vegetation, if there are steps that must be taken before planting and where plants will be placed.

Stormwater department staff will calculate how many of each type of native plant you will need and report that back to you. We will have a pick-up day on a weekend in March of 2021 where you can pick up all of your allotted plants.The exact date has not been set yet. You can then take your plants home and get them in the ground. March is the best time of year because the plants will still be mostly dormant but your ground will be a bit softer.

Register for Consulation

Fill out registration form here.

Applications will be accepted until February 1st. Plant Pick-Up day will be March 6.

Keep in mind that the City of La Vergne will be providing guidance on necessary pre-planting actions, a general plan for optimal pant locations, and all of the plants that you will need. However, staff will not be performing the manual planting, which will be up to the homeowner to complete.

  1. Alexandra Thompson

    Alexandra Thompson

    Stormwater Coordinator