Fire Inspection Reporting - IROL

IROL Reporting

The City of La Vergne Fire and Rescue Department has partnered with, a web-based reporting system, to make it easier for inspection companies to submit annual safety reports.

Effective July 11, 2022, LFRD has partnered with (IROL). This cooperation will streamline the process of turning in the Fire and Life Safety System Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance (ITM) reports required by the fire code, which mandates each company to submit inspection reports to the local fire department. 

Certified contractors hired by businesses come in every year to inspect specific fire suppression systems and make sure they are functioning without any defects. Some of these systems require bi-annual and, in some cases, quarterly inspections. Once they’ve completed their report, contractors can now submit those documents to IROL. On behalf of LFRD, IROL representatives will work with the contractor and business owner to ensure that any needed repairs will be completed promptly. 


IROL’s proven process provides benefits for the entire community:

  • Ensures Fire and Life Safety Systems are operational and functioning in case of an emergency
  • Increases frequency of repairs through deficiency remediation 
  • Assists in ensuring licensed service providers are performing quality ITM within your building(s)
  • Increases overall compliance
  • Overall builds safer environments for our firefighters and the people who live, work, and play in our community

Next Steps

Contact your service provider and confirm they’re registered with IROL and submitting reports. If they are not registered, please direct them to IROL’s website.


The partnership between LFRD and IROL is free to the city and business owners. Contractors will be charged a small fee for each report they submit.

  1. Brinkley, Curtis

    Curtis Brinkley

    Fire Marshal

Types of System Required to Submit Reports

  • Initial System Commissioning
  • Annual Fire Alarm
  • Annual and Semi-Annual Hood Suppression
  • Semi-Annual Kitchen Hood Cleaning
  • Annual Smoke Control System
  • Annual Standpipe
  • Annual Fire Door
  • Annual Private Hydrant
  • Annual Sprinkler (commercial Only)
  • Annual Fire Pump
  • Annual 5-year Internal Pipe
  • Annual Emergency Generator
  • 5-year Standpipe
  • Annual Clean Agent
  • Annual Emergency Radio