Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the response time for emergency responders?

Our average response time in 2021 was 3 minutes and 48 seconds.

How many emergency incidents does the department respond to every year?

This number varies year-to-year, but in 2021 LFRD responded to 3402 calls.

Can a firefighter speak to our group/class?

Check back soon!

How can I learn CPR/First Aid?

Contact a local hospital to see what training classes they may offer to the public. The American Red Cross and American Heart Association also offer training resources.

Do I need to get a burn permit?

Burn permits are required depending on the size fire you are planning on having. Some smaller fires do not require a permit. It is best to contact the fire administration building at (615) 287-5832 to be certain if one is required. Residential burn permits are issued at no cost.

How do I obtain a fire report?

Please contact the fire administration offices at (615) 287-5832 or fill out a public information request form and email it to Elaine Scruggs at

Where can I obtain a copy of the La Vergne Fire Rescue codes?

Click this link to find the City of La Vergne Municipal Code. Under the Table of Contents, click Title 7.

Why are all the fire hydrant tops painted different colors?

The colors represent how much water will flow from each hydrant. Citizens should not paint hydrants. If you feel your hydrant is in poor condition, please contact the fire administration offices at (615) 287-5832.

Will the department help me install smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors?

Yes! Our department is able to install detectors for La Vergne residents through the Get Alarmed program. Click here for more information.
Smoke detectors should be in every sleeping quarter and on every floor.

I want to be a firefighter. How can I apply?

Open positions are posted on the City's jobs board, or click here for more information on recruitment.

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