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Sick Leave Bank Donation Program

  1. Shared Leave Bank Donation Program

    The Employee Handbook (Section 10.19) authorizes a shared leave donation program for eligible full time city employees. An initial donation of sixteen (16) hours, or twenty-four (24) hours for fire, is required to establish membership in the pool. A member must have a minimum of forty (40) hours of combined sick leave and PTO remaining after their initial donation at the time of enrollment.

    This is a voluntary benefit; however, you must be a member of the pool to qualify to receive any donated shared leave time. Donated shared leave is granted only with approved medical certification for the employee or a member of their immediate family’s catastrophic medical condition. Immediate family is defined on page six (6) of the Employee Handbook.

    After the initial enrollment, employees who are not currently members of the pool and who meet the requirements, will be given the opportunity to enroll annually during the open enrollment period. Employees may also request in writing to cancel membership from the pool during open enrollment.

    By signing below, I wish to participate in the City of La Vergne Shared Leave Program. I acknowledge that I must donate sixteen (16) hours of sick leave or twenty-four (24) hours for fire, and must have a minimum of forty (40) hours of combined sick and PTO leave after the initial donation.

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