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Library Community Survey

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  2. La Vergne Public Library ~ Community Survey

    Patron suggestions are the most important resource we have in determining what materials and services to offer at the library. Thank you for taking a moment to complete this survey!

  3. 3. Check all materials/services you have used in the past year or would use as a patron:*

  4. 4. Check adult programs of interest to you:*

  5. 5. Check all reasons for using the La Vergne Library:*

  6. 6b. Check all reasons for unsuccessful visits to the library:

  7. 7. Check all areas that you think need more material :

  8. 8. Check preferred formats of library materials:

  9. 9. Check all that describe the service you received at the library:

  10. 10. Check all that describe the library's atmosphere:

  11. 11. How do you find out about La Vergne Library services & events?

  12. Thank you for completing this survey!

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