No Knock Registry

On November 17, 2020, the La Vergne Board of Mayor and Aldermen approved an ordinance regulating door-to-door sales in the City of La Vergne.  Approved Ordinance

What does the Solicitation Ordinance mean?
Balancing the safety of La Vergne residents with First Amendment rights of commercial solicitors, the City requires all commercial solicitors to obtain a permit and identification badge. The ordinance also provides citizens with the right to prohibit solicitors by displaying a “No Solicitation” sticker or sign at their residence and/or registering their home address in the “No Knock” registry.

What is a “Commercial Solicitor?”
Any person who engages in door-to-door solicitation to hand out a flyer, or to sell a product or service (excluding newspapers or other editorial publications, exempt under the First Amendment of the US Constitution.) Commonly called a solicitor or peddler.

What is a “Non-Commercial Solicitor?”
Any person who engages in door-to-door solicitation representing a religious organization, charity/non-profit group, or political campaign. Commonly called a canvasser.

What are my options to manage door-to-door sales? Homeowners have two options:

  1. Display signage that reads “No Solicitation” or “No Solicitors” at or near the front of residence. The City will provide one free "No Soliciting" sticker to all La Vergne homeowners.  Those can be picked up at La Vergne City Hall.
  2. This site contains the City's “No Knock” registry. Citizens may submit their address on the registry to be added to a “No Knock” list. 

What is the difference between the “No Solicitation” sticker/sign and “No Knock” registry?
The “No Solicitation” sticker or sign will prohibit all forms of solicitation from engaging in door-to-door contact at a residence. The “No Knock” registry will prohibit commercial solicitation, but will allow non-commercial solicitation at a residence. Residents may choose to use one method, both, or neither depending on personal preference; limitations may also be determined by Homeowner’s Association covenants.

How will the Solicitation Ordinance be regulated?
If a residence is not listed on the registry or does not have a posted sign, commercial solicitors may conduct door-to-door solicitation after obtaining a permit and identification badge from the City. (Applicants will undergo a criminal background check as part of the permit process; permits will be denied to those with a criminal history.) Commercial solicitors are required to display their ID badge while conducting door-to-door sales; non- commercial solicitors are exempt from the permit requirements.

How do I report a Solicitation Ordinance violation?
Commercial Solicitors are prohibited from soliciting at any location listed on the City’s “No Knock” registry; all solicitors are prohibited from soliciting at a location with a posted “No Soliciting” sign. Commercial Solicitors must have an ID badge displayed; residents have the right to ask to see an ID badge.

If a solicitor does not adhere to the registry or signage, or is not able to show an ID badge, immediately report the violation by calling the non-emergency police number: 615-793-7744.